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Successfully complete a Bid Basics, Bid Accelerator, or Certified Bid Writer course and you’ll earn a Bid Academy digital badge. Powered by Credly, our digital badges enhance your professional profile by providing public recognition of your accomplishment and verifying everything you’ve learned.  

A Bid Academy digital badge enables you to:

your newfound skills to relevant open job opportunities.

your achievement easily in email signatures, digital resumes, or to LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

the authenticity of your achievement by providing an easy way for others to verify your credential in real time.

Bid Basics Digital Badge - credential earned by completing the Bid Academy's online short course

Bid Basics Badge Criteria:

  • Attend and participate in a two-hour course via live webinar
Bid Accelerator Digital Badge - credential earned by completing the Bid Academy's 12-week program

Bid Accelerator Badge Criteria:

  • Complete twelve course modules over twelve weeks
  • Attend at least 75% of live Hour of Power sessions
  • Successfully pass an end-of-program exam
  • Submit a 90-day action plan to drive lasting improvement
Credly Digital Badge for Certified Bid Writer including Bid Academy logo

Certified Bid Writer Badge Criteria:

  • Complete nine course modules over ten weeks
  • Attend at least 65% of live Hour of Power sessions
  • Submit all course assignments to a sufficient standard
  • Successfully pass all end-of-module quizzes and an end-of-program exam

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