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Something for everyone seeking tender training:

I’m looking for a quick crash course that will teach me the fundamentals of winning tenders.

I want a deep dive into best practice bidding to learn new skills and improve my win rate.

I want to earn a globally recognised bidding credential that verifies my competency.

I’m keen to invest in specialised, customised training for my company’s in-house tender team.

Learn how to win more tenders, more easily.

Are you frustrated by:

  • An intense workload condensed into a tight tendering timeframe?
  • Being hindered by a lack of clarity, or simply not knowing where to start?
  • Struggling to understand your client’s requirements and expectations?
  • Investing time and money in tender training courses that simply don’t stick?
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Bid Academy is here to help!

Our courses aim to transform tendering outcomes for anyone involved in writing and preparing bid responses, including:

  • those who are brand new to tendering
  • multi-tasking individuals in a small business
  • experienced, career-driven bidding professionals
  • dedicated bid teams in large companies

Introductory Courses


Our introductory courses are delivered in a short and simple online format. They aim to teach fundamental bidding concepts to those who are new to tendering and have all the responsibilities but none of the training. They’re also great for anyone looking to trial our teaching style before committing to a more comprehensive program.

Want a sneak peek into our content and training style? Our free public webinars draw tendering topics from selected modules of our Bid Accelerator program. Hosted by internationally-recognised bidding professionals, our webinars distil years of experience into informative 45-minute online sessions.

The best way to learn the essential building blocks of effective tender submissions in just two hours. Based on our Four Foundations of Winning, Bid Basics helps you adopt a more strategic approach to winning bids by demonstrating the importance of getting the fundamentals right – every time.

Comprehensive Programs


Designed to significantly uplift your bidding capability, our comprehensive programs follow a modular learning pathway that dives deeply into the tender response process, spreading learning over a number of weeks. Delivered in a contemporary, hybrid format, these programs combine a weekly live Hour of Power session with an additional 1-2 hours of self-guided learning activities and exercises each week.

Covering every stage of the typical tender lifecycle in 12 modules, this program equips you with the knowledge and practical skills needed to transform your tendering outcomes and shorten your path to success.

Following a nine-module learning pathway, this program – which is unique within the international tender training market – teaches you the specialised knowledge, skills and techniques to thrive as a professional Bid Writer.

APMP Certification


APMP (Association of Proposal Management Professionals) certification is the globally recognised industry standard for developing and demonstrating bid, proposal, and capture competency. As the only APMP ATO (Accredited Training Organisation) in Australia and the Asia Pacific region, BidWrite’s Bid Academy offers best practice workshops that will prepare you to sit (and pass) an APMP certification assessment.

Delivered online over two consecutive half-days, this training workshop guides candidates through the approved best-practice syllabus to help you prepare for the APMP Foundation level examination. Suitable for proposal professionals with 1 to 3 years of bidding experience seeking formal recognition of their knowledge and skills.

Delivered online over 3.5-hours, this workshop prepares candidates for the APMP Practitioner Objective Testing Examination (OTE), providing guidance on what to expect, a practice scenario and practice questions to demonstrate key points. Suitable for proposal professionals with 3 to 7 years of bidding experience who hold APMP Foundation certification.

Professional is the highest level of APMP certification, held by only a handful of individuals around the world. We recognise this certification’s importance to our growing industry, but the requirements can be tricky to navigate. So Bid Academy offers free one-on-one mentoring to individuals seeking this qualification.

Australia's Only APMP Accredited Training Organisation (ATO)

BidWrite is the only approved training organisation (ATO) in the Asia/Pacific region for our global industry body APMP. Therefore, as part of the BidWrite family, Bid Academy is the only provider in Australia that offers training workshops to help bidding professionals progress through APMP’s global certification program.

In-House Specialist Workshops


Based on reviewing thousands of submissions and talking to hundreds of organizations, our in-house specialist workshops address the most common gaps in bidding skill sets. Delivered to your team either face-to-face or online, these half-day workshops tailor the learning experience to suit your organisation and cover the topics with the biggest impact on your ability to win more tenders, more easily.

Position to Win

Become your customer’s preferred provider before the Request For Tender even lands.

Get Bid Ready

Get ahead of the game and the competition on that next must-win tender.

High-performing Bid Teams

Elevate your bid team’s skills and performance to be more effective and win more consistently.

Effective Win Strategies

Understand and explain why your customer should pick you over others.

Persuasive Writing

Learn to influence the actions of your customer through persuasive bid writing.

Present with Power

Convert your tender story to win into an engaging, impactful presentation that gets you over the line.

Learn from Australia’s most qualified and experienced bid coaches

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