In-House Specialised Workshops

Tender training tailored to your organisation's specific needs.

Based on reviewing thousands of submissions from hundreds of organisations, our in-house specialised workshops address the most common skills gaps in bidding, and cover the topics with the biggest work-winning impact. 

Who are these workshops for?

These workshops are ideal for organisations keen to invest in specialised, customised training for their in-house sales and tendering teams.

Delivered exclusively to your team either face-to-face or online, these half-day workshops tailor the content and learning experience to suit your organisation and specific industry. Each workshop even includes exercises that will help individuals embed and retain the learnings within their role, and can even help progress a current live bid response.

Each workshop may appeal to slightly different roles within your team – you can learn more about who they are for in the descriptions below.

Position to Win

Become your customer’s preferred provider before the Request For Tender even lands!

Many bidding organisations wait for the tender to drop to get started. But by then, it’s already way too late. The most successful and strategic organisations spend more time on opportunities before the tender lands than on the tender response itself.

In this capture or pursuit planning workshop, you’ll learn about the four contests of winning, how to assess where you are at in each contest, and what you need to do before the tender lands to get in a position to win. Wherever possible, we’ll work through the learning process in the context of a live opportunity so that you get maximum value from your investment.

This workshop is ideal for business development leads, capture or pursuit managers, proposal managers or leaders in smaller businesses that rely on tendering to grow or sustain their business.

This workshop covers the POSITION phase of the business development lifecycle.

Get Bid Ready

Get ahead of the competition on that next must-win tender.

Tendering is an unpredictable game. You know that must-win tender is coming, but are you really ready to go? What if you could avoid the scramble that’s common in the early stages of a tender response?

This practical workshop covers the people, processes and content you need to hit the ground running – creating more time during the bid open period for tasks that really improve your chances of winning.

This workshop will bring your nominated bid team together, providing you with a sequence of key steps to get you bid ready.

This workshop covers the POSITION and BID phases of the business development lifecycle.

High-performing Bid Teams

Elevate your bid team’s skills and performance to win more consistently.

Many organizations understand the theory of winning tenders, but executing is often a challenge due to distractions and competing priorities.

Join our workshop to align your team on the fundamentals of winning bids, define effective bid team roles, and explore the impact of human behavior on the bidding process. Discover how personality profiling can enhance interactions within your bid team, and ultimately improve performance.

This workshop unites bid team leaders, members, and business development executives towards the common goal of winning more bids.

This workshop covers the POSITION and BID phases of the business development lifecycle.

Effective Win Strategies

Understand and explain why your customer should pick you over others.

Having a clear, compelling, and client-centric win strategy is critical to bidding success.

In this workshop, we’ll evaluate your customer’s buying needs and influences, assess your capability against your competitors, and define your unique story to win. You’ll have the chance to apply what you have learned on real opportunities during the workshop.

This workshop is ideal for business development leads, capture or pursuit managers, proposal managers, bid writers, or leaders in smaller businesses that rely on tendering to grow or sustain their business.

This workshop covers the POSITION and BID phases of the business development lifecycle.

Persuasive Writing

Influence the actions of your customer through persuasive bid-writing

When evaluating tender submissions, your customers are trying to decide who they want to work with and why. And they are doing this with bias, emotions and specific needs in mind.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to build trust through your bid writing by presenting the right information in the right order and in the right way to elicit a positive emotional response in your customer.

These are skills that very few people take time to learn, but are an easy way to get your organisation ahead of the pack.

This workshop is ideal for anyone in a bid writing role that wants to create tender responses that have a higher chance of success.

This workshop covers the BID phase of the business development lifecycle.

Present with Power

Convert your tender phase story to win into an engaging, impactful presentation that gets you over the line.

As the tendering process becomes more and more complex, tender presentations are becoming more common place. But who should say what, and how?

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to address this seemingly simple conundrum through our simple Plan-Build-Deliver methodology. Under the guidance of an experienced tender presentation coach, you’ll learn how to create and deliver an interesting, engaging, and compelling presentation experience.  

This workshop is ideal for those that want to plan, build and deliver creative and innovative tender presentation experiences.

This workshop covers the  PITCH phase of the business development lifecycle.

Learn from Australia’s most qualified and experienced bid coaches

Nigel Dennis


Mark Riley


David Lunn


Frequently Asked Questions

We have a training option for everyone, from beginners to seasoned bidding professionals. Our training generally caters to two broad audiences – those for whom bidding is a full-time profession, and those who hold other roles but have connections or responsibilities to the bidding activities of their organisations, e.g. sales people, senior managers, administrators and subject matter experts.

For details on which audience each of these in-house workshops are best suited to, please read the descriptions for each further up on this page.

These workshops are priced at a flat rate of $6,500+GST each for up to 12 people. In many cases, where multiple workshops are needed, we can offer pricing discounts – please contact us to find out more.

Each of our six specialist in-house workshops are delivered over a half-day, taking 3–4 hours.

You may like to combine two or more of the workshops to create a full-day or multi-day training event for your organisation. If so, please indicate this in your enquiry form.

We prefer to limit participation to 12 people per workshop. This allows us to ensure a positive, tailored and personal learning experience. If you have a bigger group in mind, please contact us to discuss options.

Yes, we’ll provide electronic copies of the training materials to all attendees.

There are no prerequisites for any of our In-House Workshops. However, you may find it beneficial to attend our Bid Basics two-hour short course online for a taste of our content and training style before investing in an In-House Workshop.

If you’d like to run the workshops face-to-face, then yes – ideally your organisation can provide a venue (such as a boardroom or similar) to run the sessions. It will need to have suitable seating for the number of your staff attending and a screen for showing our presentation slides.

If you are based in Perth, we may be able to accommodate you in our training room at the BidWrite office. In other locations, we may be able to secure an alternative location (such as hotel conference room) at an additional cost. If this is something you’d require, please indicate so in your enquiry form.

For groups up to 12 people, we’ll provide one trainer. For larger groups we’ll provide a second trainer and reflect this in our adjusted pricing.

Yes, we try very hard to make our workshops engaging, enjoyable and impactful through a variety of exercises and activities. You’ll even be able to work on live opportunities in some workshops.

If you opt for online delivery rather than face-to-face,  Bid Academy uses Zoom Meetings to deliver these workshops. This enables us to utilise functionality such as screen sharing, breakout rooms, reactions and polls.

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