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Earn the highest level of certification in the bid and proposal profession with the help of our one-on-one mentoring.

APMP Professional is the top level of globally-recognised certification from the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP). It’s held by only a handful of individuals around the world.

You earn this certification by proving you’ve made a significant impact in your own organisation or contribution to the wider bidding industry.

In recognition of its importance to our industry, Bid Academy offers free one-on-one mentoring to individuals seeking this qualification.

APMP Professional Certification Badge

Who is APMP Professional mentoring for?

APMP Professional certification is appropriate for senior bid and proposal professionals with over seven years of experience, looking to earn the highest level of certification in our industry. 

To qualify for APMP Professional certification you must:

  • Be a current APMP member of good standing who has achieved the APMP Practitioner level.
  • Have at least seven years of relevant experience in a bid and proposal environment.
  • Provide a reference that will be asked to rate you on nine behavioural and attitude-based competencies.
  • Develop a Proposal Professional Impact Paper (PPIP) providing evidence of the impact on your organization and/or the profession.
  • Participate in a 45-minute panel interview (on-line or face-to-face) to present and answer questions about your PPIP.

The PPIP is in a prescribed format and uses an APMP template. More information about the PPIP and the process is available here.

What will I get out of APMP Professional mentoring?

BidWrite has the first three people in Australia to achieve APMP Professional level certification.
This includes Co-Founder and CEO Nigel Dennis (who was the first person to achieve the APMP Professional level in the Asia Pacific region), as well as Principal Consultants Rodger Manning and Mark Riley. Bid Academy’s one-on-one APMP Professional mentoring is conducted by one of these three experienced tendering experts.

Our one-on-one mentoring will help you understand whether you qualify, how the process will work, and how you will be assessed. This ensures you have the best chance of successfully meeting all requirements to earn this prestigious certification. 

After completing all assessment requirements, APMP will directly issue successful candidates with their APMP Professional certification badge, providing public recognition of your extensive knowledge and credibility as a bid and proposal professional.

Earning Professional-level certification demonstrates to your peers, clients, and employer that you have been recognised for:

  • making a significant contribution to your organisation and/or the bidding profession.
  • your ability to lead and direct others in achieving broad-reaching goals.
  • demonstrating thought leadership and “out of the box” thinking.

APMP Professional mentoring covers the POSITION, BID and PITCH phases of the business development lifecycle.

Frequently Asked Questions

A minimum of seven years of bidding/proposal experience, an existing APMP membership, and APMP Practitioner level certification are required in order to be eligible for APMP Professional certification.

You will also need to provide a reference who will be asked to rate you on nine behavioural and attitude-based competencies.

The amount of mentoring time required to prepare you for APMP Professional certification can vary depending on the individual. Your mentor will discuss the recommended frequency and duration of mentoring sessions with you when they first make contact.

BidWrite and Bid Academy recognises the importance of APMP Professional certification in growing the bidding industry across Australia and around the globe. We also understand the requirements for this certification can be tricky to navigate. Therefore, Bid Academy offers this one-on-one mentoring to individuals seeking this qualification free of charge.

The Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) is the global industry body for professionals dedicated to the process of winning business through proposals, tenders, bids and presentations. Designed specifically for proposal professionals, APMP’s certification program is the only internationally recognised professional qualification pathway.

BidWrite (and its training division Bid Academy) is Australasia’s only APMP Accredited Training Organisation (ATO) and is approved to provide APMP certification training. Our trainers hold the highest level of APMP certification and can confidently guide participants through the training content and exam processes.

Bid Academy mentors will typically use Zoom meetings or Microsoft Teams for the mentoring sessions. 

APMP Professional certification badges are issued by APMP’s certification partner APMG International (apmg-international.com) after completion of all assessment criteria. This happens independently of BidWrite and Bid Academy so if you encounter any issues with receiving your certification badge, you’ll need to contact APMG directly.

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